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Raihan Ali
Jun 25, 2022
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Visit our Marketing Nerds Archive to listen to other Jewelry Retouching Marketing Nerds podcasts! Where do you start building your brand's Instagram presence? In this episode of Marketing Nerds, SEJ social producer Caitlin Rulien chats with Noelle Federico, chief commercial officer and CMO of stock photography company They discuss the brands that rock Instagram, how to gauge success, and apps to help along the way. Noelle Federico explains how to really stand out on Instagram [PODCAST] | SEJ You've worked with brands to build Jewelry Retouching their presence on Instagram. What are your main lessons? Where does a brand start building its presence on Instagram? Noelle: One of the most important aspects of branding Jewelry Retouching is keeping your message intact. Whatever your message, whatever your brand, you want to be able to communicate it on all your social media platforms. You want your Instagram platform to reflect that. You want to choose content that backs up who you are as a brand and Jewelry Retouching supports your message. Advertising Continue reading below For example, if you're a Jewelry Retouching confectionery business, you don't want to have pictures of vegetables, dogs, or books. You want to have pictures of people eating your candy, your candy in packets, maybe your candy being given as a gift. You want to stay on point. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make with social media is that they go everywhere and they don't use their social media to support who they are Jewelry Retouching as a brand. That's really what social media is for, to create engagement with your customers or consumers. Caitlin: It's